wireless muscle stimulator body ems electro physiotherapy fitness equipment

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US $100-800 / Set | 1 Set/Sets EMS bodybuilding machine (Min. Order)
Supply Ability:
1000 Set/Sets per Month ems training suits
Huangpu Guangzhou
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Quick Details
Anti-Puffiness, Detox, Skin Tightening, Weight Loss, Fitness and Sport training
Operation System:
EMS Electrofitness
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
K6 ems training suit
professional wirelessems training suit
selling point:
Factory manufacture ,distributor price
EMS vest (jacket):
yes ,with electrode cable
EMS Technology:
Advanced EMS electro fitness
can manufacture your own machine
Newest technology:
Wireless unit with EMS APP training
Products name:
Wireless EMS Training machine
Professional gym training system
wireless EMS electro fitness
training people for wireless:
up to 10 people training at the same time
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
cartons with foam,ems muscle stimulator
Delivery Time
3-7 working days ,after confirmed the payment

       wireless muscle stimulator body ems electro physiotherapy fitness equipment 



Dear Customer , We are the original manufacturer research and development production of Cable EMS Fitness Equipment with Electro Jacket (MDK3,K4,K5,K8 ) and  Wireless Groups Training Machine With Electrode suits (MDK6) , which is steady transmission signal by our advanced technology to do training for 10 peoples at the same time .


Please :

Contact Person : Yan Zeng      Skype : yan.zeng22  
Mobile /wechat/whatsapp ID : +8615876586270


The Main point of MDK6 muscle stimulator body ems machine as follow :

The wireless model can do groups training for 10 people in one unit at the same time.

With perfect Wifi connection by steable  transimit system ,don't need the network,

    can working within 10 meters .

we have the virtual coach to show you the sport movement by video in the wireless software .

45 Training Programs ,Merida EMS Wireless mode has 45 training programs (can Any combination training ),      and 1 additional programs that are fully configurable by the trainer.

There are a timer to count when the impluse transmitting or relaxing.

One transmitter is use for 10 signal receiver's box .




45  Training Programs

Merida EMS Wireless mode has 45 training programs( can Any combination training ), and 1 additional programs that are fully configurable by the trainer.



EMS training suit's Material & Function 

1 . EMS electro training vest can be used for ECG,EEG ,EMG and some low & medium frequency impulse physical  therapy stimulate and body training machine,Finess and beauty slimming.

2.excellent conductivity,size:Free size or customized

3. Reasonable price and higher quality.

4.Zero resistance, washable for many times.

5. body training, reshape body.

6.Two different type of Electro Jacket , Updated new EMS suits was hided electrode cable.





One of model MDK4 EMS training machine with electro suits, if you are interest in these machine and contact us to get the price and more detail :

Amazing and rapid results with Merida EMS training, advanced software and high quality materials used in their construction equipment places it in the ranks of international brands EMS.

Merida EMS Training kit includes:

- EMS Training suits device with touch sliper software and impluse          working and release timer during training .

- EMS Training Costume (S,M,L,XL,XXL size can choose )

- Accessories for arms and legs belts.

- Cotton underwear clothing

- Flexible interconnection cable ,Electrode cable can hided in the          suits

- user manual

  Price is negotiable depending on the number desired    equipments .

Introduction of EMS electro fitness Training with suit:




1.   8 or 10 inches touch screen, high -end ABS case 

2.  20 groups muscle electro pads in the suits and can take off .

3.  10 channels can adjustable individual ,

      also can adjsutable at the same time .

4.   Specifictions like Frequency, pulse time, pause time

      can adjustable by manual .

5.   5 different programs can choose 

6.   can suitable for EMS body training vest (suits).

7.   High-end EMS Training gym machine 

8.   Factory unique design with top technical on market 

9.  Welcome OEM/ODM service

10. Unique design to Merida factory, also can be your unique machine 


One of the simple model softwear of training screen as follow, we have other 4 different models ,please contct with us to get the more detail 

Software of electronic muscle stimulation machine with training suit :


1. Can put your logo and brand on the display 

2. Should enter the password, then can enter into the main interface 

3. Can changed the passowrd on the machine 

4. have 5 fixed programs, the clients can directly used it. 

5. other specifications like Freuqncy, pulse time, pause can adjustable by manual based on different customers requirement 

6. 10 channels's intensity can adjustable one by one 

7. 10 channes's intensity can adjsutable the same time 

8. Easy to used it, comfortable feeling with good result 

9. Can directly used for EMS vest , for gym use 


Training of ems training suits machine :


The Treatment : EMS fitness equipment with training suits



The Feature of Merida EMS Training Suits For Fitness Gym .


Electrical Stimulation Outdoor

The electrical stimulation EMS device has an exclusive design using a small latest generation lithium

-ion battery that offers 6 hours of continued use. This lets the trainer carry out sessions indoors in a gym or in the home or outdoors on the beach, in the countryside, a garden, etc.


Wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulation

In the past cables and wires were necessary to connect the user to the machine and this hindered freedom of movement. Now Merida EMS training machine has eliminated this by means of the use of  BT  technology.


Multi-User Electrical Muscle Stimulation

An application has been developed for Tablet which enables the EMS device to be controlled in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to this application and the device, a trainer can work with up to 10 users all at the same time, enabling group and individual sessions to be directed from indoors or outdoors.





Result of fitness


Result of ems training suits machine:

  • The revolutionary fitness regime involves wearing a black, padded suit
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) runs currents through your muscles
  • This is supposed to give them a workout 150 times stronger than normal 
♣Impact on force

- Promotes muscle (hypertrophy)

- Improves the speed

- Improves strength and endurance of performance

- Contributes to imbalance of the muscles

- Improves agility

- Improves performance in sports

♣ Wellness and Beauty

- Cellulite treatment

- Activates the chemical change

- Promotes weight and fat reduction

- Massag

- Improves blood circulation

♣Psychological Effects

- Brightens mood and motivation

- Improves the body feeling

- Promotes the body posture

- Increased resistance to stress and load capacity


    The more photo of other models of EMS Fitness Machines With Jacket:




Feedback from our Customer of ems training suits machine :



FAQ ~ EMS fitness



1. Are there any reasons why you should not use the EMS Training suits equipment?
The equipment must not be used by people with heart disease, pacemakers or other implanted electric devices, during pregnancy,with a predisposition to epileptic seizures or fitting.


2. Will I get wet during workout from Merida EMS training suits equipment ?

In order to ensure appropriate impulse transfer electrode surfaces need to be dampened for good contact between the machineand the customer.

3.Do I have to move or exercise during workout from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
Yes,  augments the favourable effects of EMS workout as opposed to exercising alone.

4.Who holds the training sessions from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
The Better recruit a qualified personal fitness trainers who help you perform the exercises correctly with the right body posture.They also demonstrate and perform the exercises with you, give advice on the right dietary regime and naturally

5.Can I eat immediately before workout from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
In order to achieve an optimum workout effect you should consume high-carb food 2.5 to 3 hours before the session. You should not eat two hours before workout to avoid abdominal discomfort.

6.What and how much should I drink before workout from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
Drink at least half a litre of water 30 to 40 minutes before workout to keep your body sufficiently hydrated. Sufficient fluid intake (2 to 3 litres per day) is an essential part of a proper dietary regime.

7. What should I bring with me for workout from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
You find everything you need for the workout here, so all you need is to turn up!

8.Can I wear my own clothes, and if so, what should they be like?
You can if it is made of at least 95% cotton, is skin-tight, with long sleeves and legs.

9.Is 2x20-minute workout a week enough from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
The weekly amount of workout recommended by EMS fitness machine is 2x20 minutes. Unless you do other exercises as well, 3 training sessions a week are allowed with at least a 48-hour rest period between the sessions.

10.Can I do more than 3 EMS fitness machine sessions a week from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
It is not recommended as the high intensity of EMS sessions requires a 2 to 3-day regeneration period. It is important to have sufficient rest time as too little rest can produce symptoms of overexertion.

11.What is the difference between Merida EMS fitness machine and other muscle stimulators?
Most home use and other muscle stimulators are designed to be applied on passive muscles.

During Merida sessions muscle stimulation is applied on active muscles, combined with a sequence of trainer-instructed exercises.

12. Will my muscles be stiff after the workout from Merida EMS training suits equipment?
Muscle stiffness is the worst after the first workout session as Merida EMS fitness machine works on deep muscles that are hard to reach through normal training. However this will gradually disappear with regular training sessions. Muscle stiffness can last 2 to 3 days after the session and persists for a longer time than after a normal workout session.

13.Can I adjust the impulse depth, frequency and intensity during workout?
On Merida EMS fitness machines the impulse depth, frequency and intensity can be adjusted freely to personal needs depending on your body type, age, gender and level of fitness.

14.Is there also a weight loss programme within the setting options of the Merida EMS equipment?
The fat-burning effect does not occur directly. Workout intensity increases the metabolic rate and following a proper diet will automatically trigger weight loss and muscle toning.

15.Can the Merida equipment be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
It is not allowed to be used during pregnancy at all and is not recommended during breastfeeding.

16.When will I see visible results from Merida EMS training suits equipment?

A “striking” change can only be achieved through a complex process. A healthy diet combined with

2 to 3 workout sessions per week will produce visible changes after 10 occasions.

17.To what extent does the Merida EMS fitness machine training strain our joints?
The EMS fitness machine training is completely easy on joints.

18.What age group is this type of workout recommended for?
EMS fitness machine training is recommended for everyone, regardless of age and gender.

Our distributor feedback they have customers over 50, who can keep perfectly fit with the sessions.  

also have young mothers who we help with rehabilitation after giving birth. There are also several active athletes among our clients, who tell us that we help them improve performance, increase speed, shape their muscles and enhance dynamics. Most people, however, only want to look better and improve their fitness - something they can all achieve with us.